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Restaurant and food service workers are often victims of abuses of California labor law. At T.L. Fox & Associates in Los Angeles, our employment law attorneys find that employers routinely ignore wage and hour laws governing hourly compensation, overtime, and meal/rest breaks.

I am a food server. Can I be required to tip out to other employees?

California law provides that only employees who offer direct table service, such as food servers and bus staff, may share in a tip pool. If you are required to share tips with management, Maitre D’s, kitchen help, sushi chefs, or bartenders, your employer is breaking the law.

As an assistant manager, should I be paid overtime?

Salaried employees who spend more than 50% of their time on non-managerial duties must be paid overtime under California overtime pay laws. Only a few executive and professional positions are exempt from overtime requirements.

As a food server, can I be paid less than the minimum wage because I get tips?

Under California law, the minimum wage of $6.75 an hour cannot be reduced due to tips. We have successfully recovered wages for servers.

How can I pay a lawyer on my salary?

Even if your personal claim is small, we may be able to combine it with others in a large class action to recover your unpaid wages. If you feel you are not being paid fairly, contact our attorneys and make arrangements for a free consultation. Our fees are contingency-based, so we only collect a percentage of the money you recover.

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